Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Nicholas' graduation from Middle School

Boy oh boy it was an emotional day yesterday.  First Gianna graduated from elementary school and then we had Nicholas' graduation from middle school. Time is just flying by and my babies are growing up before my eyes.

My incredibly handsome boy...

Proud Mom and Dad...look how tall he is!!

Three years have come and gone...just like that...

Out celebrating after...who needs fancy restaurants when you can go to a trailer in downtown Attleboro for the best hot dogs around?

That's where he wanted to go so that's where we went!  And they were delicious!!

Congratulations Nicholas!  We're hoping there are a lot of great things in store for you in high school!!

Gianna's elementary school graduation

Well my baby is done with elementary school.  I can't believe it.  What a year it's been for her. Starting a new school in the fall which caused a lot of tears and anxiety, but Gianna adjusted very quickly and really loved her new school.  She adored her teachers and made lots of new friends.

Her school had a really nice graduation ceremony yesterday...

Gianna received two awards!!  One was the President's Education Award for Outstanding Academic Excellence (not many received that one) and even came with a letter from President Obama!  She's a smarty pants for sure!!

Her second award was the Citizenship Award for good behavior and effort for the entire school year (and not everyone got one of those either)...

Proud Mom and Dad...

Gianna and one of her new friends she met this year, Amanda...

Gianna and Kassie (who is moving to Vermont tomorrow)...

Gianna, Kassie and Maggie...

Gianna and Kate (also a new friend this year)...

Gianna and Abby...

Her awesome teacher Mrs. Miller.  We loved her!!

This is Gianna's artwork that was hanging on the wall at graduation.  This really speaks to who she is and what she loves...animals...dance...art...and her dream to be on TV!

Class of 2023!?!?  That kind of took my breath away when I saw that in the program.  And I'm sure that will be here in a blink of an eye!

Saturday, June 18, 2016

8th grade grad dance

Last night was Nicholas' 8th grade graduation dance.  He looked so handsome...

Julia tagged along to the dance as part of 7th grade Student Council helper...

Big brother really didn't want anything to do with little sister at HIS dance...

 My beautiful girl...

Such pretty girls...

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Orlando Nightclub Shooting

"We need to support each other's differences and worry less about our own opinion."

"There will always be more good than evil." 

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Ten Years

Julia had her picture taken for this year's dance recital program to celebrate her
10th year of dance!

So here we are...10 years and 55 dance routines later...

2007 (age 4)

2008 (age 5)

2009 (age 6)

2010 (age 7)

2011 (age 8)

2012 (age 9)

2013 (age 10) 

2014 (age 11)

2015 (age 12)

2016...Julia now at age 13...

What a beautiful dancer and performer she has become.  We are so very proud of all her accomplishments.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Cute & Funny

Musical.ly is a new app that the kids just love.  Gianna has made some super cute and some very funny music videos.  Just had to share some...








Thursday, June 09, 2016


Gianna was watching "So You Think You Can Dance Kids" this morning and I could tell it was making her feel sad and discouraged.  She was saying how it's all about the legs and she doesn't have "the legs".  Well, the young girl she was watching had her leg in a develope up next to her ear...yes impressive...BUT...her body alignment was all off and her foot was horribly sickled!!  If you're going to do a move like that...please do it correctly.  And for Pete's sake...please take points off for bad technique if it's not done properly at a dance competition. Which nowadays it appears the judges just don't notice. They are too busy ooohing and ahhhing over the moves.

So this is the direction dance competitions are going in these days. Can you grab your leg and jam it behind your head?

Can you develope your leg and hold it next to your ear for 10 minutes?

Can you do this ugly move...called a "tilt"...which has become super popular? There's not one thing pretty about it in my opinion...

Or how about this?

Or this one is so gorgeous!! 

Um...not sure what this is...

Ahhh....love this one...

And this is a very common contortion move I see these days in practically every routine.  Is there anything pretty about it?  Um no...

But it sure does impress the judges these days!!  Forget about gorgeous contemporary and beautiful ballet technique.  Let's give the contortionist the higher points!

And if you can't do this...well then...just forget about auditioning for "So You Think You Can Dance Kids"...because it's all about flexibility these days!!

And if you can't do this move...well sadly it may be time to hang up your dance shoes.

And don't even get me going about how standing back aerials, back handsprings a hundred miles an hour across the stage, and alternating one arm back handsprings are considered dance and can beat a gorgeously trained contemporary dancer.  

We did one competition this year where the first place teen soloist did an entire solo routine without one trick or one contortion move...and she won!!  Yes!!! Finally!!! A real dancer won!!  But sadly that's the first time I've seen that happen in years.  

So my girls are getting discouraged.  They can't develope their legs up next to their ears. They can't bend themselves in half.  They can't tumble a hundred miles an hour across the stage. But in my opinion they both have the perfect amount of flexibility and strength to make them good dancers.  And more importantly, they are fantastic performers!!  Isn't that what dance is supposed to be about anyway? Moving an audience?  Not making them gasp and say "how does she do that???" Let's leave that for the circus please.

Yes, my girls attend a dance/acro school and I love watching all the fabulous tumbling and tricks the kids can do.  But by all means, if we are at a dance competition and we're against a routine with beautifully trained dancers just dancing? Then by all means...I want them to place higher than our acrobats and contortionists.  After all...we are competing in dance competitions, right?