Monday, February 08, 2016

Saying goodbye to my "little" boy

I found this blog post by Scary Mommy and it was so spot on as to how I'm feeling right now.  And oh boy...I did what Oprah calls "the ugly cry" when I read it.

Nothing prepares you for when your little ones turn into teenagers. I'm really mourning the loss of my "little" boy right now...more than ever. We are literally eye to eye now.  He can wear Danny's shoes...barely.  His voice is starting to get lower. And that teenage attitude...oh my.  It's here.  How I miss my little much.

(Taken from this blog post)...

I walked by the open bedroom door and stopped to turn off the light. As my hand reached for the switch, I glanced at the person lying on the bed and thought: That is a young man. He’s no longer my little boy, but a young man. 
Wait, stop. Just for a minute. Stop. I need a second to catch up. I need a moment to say goodbye.

I know that I will let go of the kid who was caught between two worlds—of boy and of teen—because I’ve done it all along. From a tiny baby whose whole body fit neatly in one hand, to a grinning toddler who went everywhere in a Captain Feathersword costume carrying either a Thomas the Tank Engine or Lightning McQueen car, to a sturdy school-age boy who ran everywhere, explored everywhere, and gave me constant heart attacks—I loved each and every stage of his childhood and motherhood, and while I looked forward to the next one, I mourned the loss of the one we left behind.

Even now, I see how wonderful it’s been. I see what an amazing teenager he is becoming. There are so many changes happening with him even on a daily basis. It seems like he shot up taller than my 5 feet 9 inches in a week, and suddenly he has a deeper voice and a different laugh and even different ways of thinking. We discuss politics for God’s sake, and he knows what he’s talking about. He’s growing up, moving on, and leaving childhood behind as he reaches for his full potential. That’s the plan, and I’m doing my job right because he’s already an amazing person. He will be a magnificent man.

I think that I will always miss that grinning toddler, the magical ideas of a 6 year old, the Cars cars, the forts and my little boy. Having said goodbye to each stage lets me know what I’m missing, and what I’m gaining. Oh, my boy is growing up, and it’s a wonderful, magical thing. We really do have so many adventures ahead of us.

I’m lucky that he still thinks I am cool, for the most part, or at least pretends that I am. And he still wants to hang out with me. He still is my adventure buddy, but now, he suggests adventures. He’ll leave me behind to hang out with his friends, but makes sure to come back for a kiss goodbye and an “I love you” before he walks away, regardless of who is around. He still asks my opinion and then forms his own.

Sometimes, he still grabs my hand before we cross the street. I just can’t tell if it’s to keep himself safe, or for him to keep me safe. Whatever the reason, I hold on.

And he does hold my hand...and hugs me...and kisses me...and wants to dance with me...and literally smothers me with affection.  And for that I'm grateful. I know we are raising an awesome son.

But still...I really really miss my little boy...


So true...

Snow Day take 2

We have another snow day today. Maybe she'll make a friend for him?

Saturday, February 06, 2016

Snow Day

Yesterday we had our first official snow day and schools were canceled.  It was a very heavy snow.  But as the day was ending...the sun came out and it was so beautiful...

The tops of the trees lit up like they had thousands of lights on them...and the sky had the most incredible pictures didn't do it justice...

But it was also a very tragic day for two families in a town not too far from us. A 6 year old little girl went out to play in the snow and was struck by a large tree limb. She passed away shortly after. Then a young dad went out to clear off his hockey rink for his kids and was also struck with a falling tree limb.  He also passed away. It made me think...perhaps that gorgeous sunset was for them... because honestly...I've never seen anything like it before.  It truly was God's masterpiece.  

Monday, February 01, 2016

This weekend

I met my freshman college roommate, Maureen, for dinner Saturday night...

I have so many great memories with her from that year at Merrimack.  Love that we're still friends after all these years!

And here's Julia practicing an elbow stand for her new solo...

I'm excited to see all the new routines! 

Friday, January 29, 2016

Last weekend...

OK so I'm a little behind. I found these pictures on my phone from last weekend.

Gianna got kinetic sand for Christmas and has been having a lot of fun with it. This is a silly looking snowman...

And we had a snowstorm last Saturday night.  I loved being snowed in with Danny and the girls (Nicholas was at a friend's house). We had hot chocolate by the fire and played Apples to Apples.  Julia snuggled up in her sleeping bag and KoKo curled up on her legs for a nap...loved it. 

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Tears of an Angel

I watched this video for the first time in quite a while and I can't believe how good Julia was at just 11 years old. What a beautiful heartfelt performance...

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Schuler Elkay painted cabinets from Lowes

**Thank you Meghan.  I finally received a call from Elkay about the cabinets.  She listened and is being proactive about the situation.  All I wanted was to be heard and to have someone take responsibility and work on a resolution so other consumers won't be in our situation. So thank you.**


Update to my post from a year ago...

Now just one year after our new kitchen cabinets were installed, we have yet more problems...peeling paint and a crack on the inside of one of the cabinets. I'll state again that we love our new kitchen.  It's gorgeous! We love the work Lowe's did, but we've had nothing but problems with these painted cabinets.

I'm posting this so if potential buyers are looking for some information about these Schuler Elkay painted cabinets from Lowe's, they will see this post and rethink it!! Here's what our tilt down sink looks like today...just a little over one year after installation...

and the inside of one of our cabinets has cracked...

I have spoken with Lowe's and they will be replaced but it is taking months and months to do so.  And why should this have happened in the first place? 

Once again, it's the poor craftsmanship of the Schuler Elkay painted cabinets.  Do yourself a favor and don't purchase them!  If we knew then what we know now...we never would have went with this line of cabinetry.

Just take a look for yourself...

Appears to be ink...

Painted way too thin...

Obvious scratches...

And here is one of the very few cabinets that came in with decent painting on the can barely see it.  So why can't all the doors look like this one? 

One of our biggest problems was trying to get one of our glass cabinets replaced due to scratches. Replacement #1 arrived broken.  Replacement #2 was completely the wrong size glass cabinet. Replacement #3 had a defect and the paint was too thin. Replacement #4 arrived "smashed" according to the rep. Finally we received a decent glass door on the 5th shipment.  

Here was the Schuler reps response to our letter of complaint a year ago...just after installation.  I wonder if she even looked at the pictures?  It only took about an hour to get this letter back from her after we sent our carefully composed letter to her.


Thank you for your email, and I apologize to hear of your dissatisfaction.  I am familiar with your project, as I know my representative Jim Collins has been to your home, along  with having been in communication with Deb at the store.

Unfortunately, with a painted finish, we have the possibility of seeing joint lines, especially as the cabinet goes through humidity changes during different seasons.  This is something that is very common, and will increase and decrease over time.  I know there is concern in the “gauges” by the joint line coming together, in which I believe I addressed at the time of the first replacement order, that you could receive this again, due to this is how we receive the doors from our vendor.

As I stated, I am more than happy to put in another replacement order, especially where you have scratches and light paint, but if we are replacing others due to the indentation or visibility of joint lines, that is not something I can guarantee will be different.  Please let me know if you would like to proceed forward in this manner, and I can put in a special request, however again I could not guarantee.  I would just need a list of following doors that you would like replaced.

Thank you,

Cara Welch
Regional Sales Manager - Northeast
Elkay Companies
630.272.7606- cell
630.366.2569 - fax

Seasons?  Humidity?  We had barely gone through one.  The cabinets were just installed.  Humidity was not an issue.  It was winter here in Massachusetts.  They arrived in that condition.  How about addressing the problem with the way the cabinets are sent to them by the "vendor"?  She can't "guarantee" they will look better?  How about talking to the right people and getting to the root of the problem so perhaps it can be improved or actually resolved?  We will reorder all the cabinet doors and drawers that we still find unsatisfactory and maybe...just maybe...we will get lucky and get one good one in the bunch.  

Saturday, January 16, 2016


She's getting more flexible and stronger by the day...