Wednesday, April 25, 2007

100 things

I remember starting this blog about a year ago but it turns out it was exactly one year ago today. So in honor of my personal anniversary, here is 100 things about me.

1. I love to read but rarely get the chance.
2. My favorite singer is Ricky Martin.
3. I’m passionate about dance…any kind of dance.
4. I thought the best day of my life was my wedding day but that changed after our first child was born.
5. I have zero tolerance for pain.
6. I was voted “rookie of the year” of my sophomore class in high school.
7. I played the trumpet for nine years.
8. I can juggle.
9. I used to be able to do back handsprings and side aerials.
10. I was born on Friday the 13th.
11. I’ve been to Cancun four times.
12. I’ve been on a cruise ship for a wedding but never went on an actual cruise.
13. I’ve kissed way too many guys.
14. I thought I was in love a number of times but really only twice (M & D).
15. My daughter Gianna’s middle name, Mae, is also my grandmother’s middle name.
16. I named my daughter Julia after the character of Julia on Party of Five.
17. My favorite color is yellow.
18. I wish I could sing really well but I can’t.
19. I have social anxiety.
20. My closest friends are my friends from high school.
21. My best friend lives across the street from me.
22. I won two 1st place metals in my one and only Irish step dancing competition when I was five.
23. I’ve never been fired or laid off from a job.
24. I don’t swim very well.
25. My favorite food is Italian.
26. I love warm, gooey chocolate chip cookies straight from the oven.
27. I’m addicted to Diet Pepsi.
28. My favorite number is 28.
29. Julia was born on the 28th.
30. The first time I got drunk was in Bermuda my senior year of high school.
31. I love an ice cold Corona on a hot day.
32. I don’t like wine because it gives me a headache.
33. Once I was put into a jail cell with my roommate from college who had been arrested.
34. My dad has cancer.
35. My grandmother died of breast cancer at fifty-nine.
36. I’m allergic to sunless tanning gives me a rash.
37. I don’t feel contractions until I’m about 9-centimeters and ready to push.
38. I’m not having more children…biological anyway.
39. I work as a medical transcriptionist from home.
40. My old apartment was haunted.
41. My favorite movie of all time is Dirty Dancing.
42. My second favorite movie of all time is My Best Friend’s Wedding.
43. I’m a hopeless romantic.
44. I really miss my childhood best friend, Kim.
45. I’m the only blue-eyed person in my house.
46. My mother made up my first name, Dineen.
47. She changed the spelling of my nickname, Deanie to Dini, when I started school.
48. My childhood Christmas stocking had “Deanie” on it and no one ever changed it…weird.
49. I never liked my first name until I was an adult.
50. I knew I loved Danny from the first moment I saw him.
51. I met Danny’s mother for the first time on the day she died, suddenly, from a heart attack.
52. I love carbs.
53. I despise dieting.
54. I was underweight as a child and had to drink protein shakes.
55. I could eat apple pie for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
56. I don’t drink coffee but like tea.
57. I’m very affectionate and love to snuggle and cuddle.
58. I’ve been with my husband for eighteen years and married for thirteen.
59. We went through six cycles of in vitro before finally getting pregnant with our first child.
60. We had our other two children naturally.
61. Once Danny and I drove from Newport Beach, CA straight to Las Vegas, stayed up all night gambling, and then drove back to California the next day.
62. I’m very sensitive.
63. I attended three different colleges and have two degrees.
64. I have an Associate’s Degree in Interior Merchandising, a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management and a certificate in Medical Transcription.
65. I’ve never been camping because just the thought of sleeping in a tent freaks me out.
66. I love sailing.
67. I love the ocean.
68. My favorite place to vacation is the Cape.
69. I’m super organized.
70. I hate clutter.
71. I’m the youngest of four siblings.
72. When I was young I used to pretend I came from a really big family with lots of younger sisters.
73. I like to “google” people I know to find out stuff about them.
74. My favorite stores are Target and Home Goods.
75. I love mint chocolate chip ice cream.
76. I once got a flat tire on a highway, very late at night, all by myself, before cell phones existed…very scary.
77. I’ve learned that truck drivers can be very nice and very helpful to stranded motorists.
78. I’m Catholic.
79. I truly believe in “things are meant to be” and “everything happens for a reason”.
80. I knew I was pregnant with Gianna literally from the day she was conceived.
81. I knew the sex of all my children without anyone telling me.
82. I’ve never once been wrong when guessing the sex of other people’s babies.
83. I love to sleep late but never get the chance.
84. I love funny people.
85. I was on an airplane once that had to make an emergency landing.
86. I once took my bra off (but leaving my shirt on) at a nightclub playing a scavenger hunt game.
87. I knew I could marry Danny after we traveled together on a ten-day trip to Arizona and California.
88. When I was young I wanted to be an actress.
89. I’m a lot tougher than I think I am.
90. I love People Magazine.
91. It annoys me when people get to my beloved magazine before me (or read it over my shoulder).
92. I have very little patience but I’m working on it.
93. I love going to church.
94. I want to go to Italy.
95. I was married September 25, 1993.
96. Nicholas, Julia and I were all born in August.
97. I took Nicholas home from the hospital on my birthday.
98. My first two kids are one year and eighteen days apart.
99. I’m working on being the best mom I can be.
100. I’m very lucky.

Opening Day - Tball

Here is a picture of Nicholas on opening day for T-Ball. It's so fun to watch the kids play.

Danny left for Vegas today for five days. Nicholas couldn't stop crying last night at bedtime. Then this morning it was Julia's turn to cry. He'll be missed around here. Next weekend it's my turn to go away. I'll be off to Maine with my two best friends. Can't wait!

Saturday, April 21, 2007


Here is one of my favorite places to shop lately . I bought some very pretty dishes from them.

Opening day for baseball in North Attleboro was today. Nicholas had his first T-ball game today. I'll post a cute pic of Nicholas in his uniform later. Tedi Bruschi's son plays T-Ball too. His son's game was on the field next to ours. It's very nice how everyone in our town just leaves him and his family alone. (Although the women still drool and the guys whisper discreetly.)

Monday, April 02, 2007

The terrible two's are here!

Gianna is not happy Teletubbies is over.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

What more could you want?

My Dad was visiting the other day. The house was chaos as usual with our three little ones running around and toys scattered about the house. He sat quietly at the kitchen table taking everything in as he always does. After a while he said to me "what more could you want"? I didn't know what he was talking about. When I asked what he meant he said that I have three great kids, a nice home, and a great husband. Sometimes I get so busy with my day that I don't really stop to appreciate all that is around me. I tend to wish for more all the time when in fact I am living the life exactly as I had always hoped for. I have a fantastic husband who is the best father, three beautiful children, a comfortable home, my best friend across the street, a healthy loving family and a part-time job working from home so I don't ever have to leave my kids or miss any important events.

What more could I want? Nothing more than I have already. I've got to stop wishing for silly things that really don't mean squat. I already have it all right here and now. I've got to appreciate it more.