Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Happy Halloween

Years ago, before I got married, I lived in a haunted apartment. I'm not kidding you. Haunted. Strange things used to happen up there on the 3rd floor. One night, shortly after moving in, I woke up in the middle of the night with an ugly, old woman crawling towards me on my bed. I will never forget the way she looked. There were many, many nights I would wake in the middle of the night with white swirling objects just inches from my face. I would frantically try to swat them away.

Then there was the crazy night when I awoke in the middle of the night to find the kitchen light in my apartment was out. You see, after all the crazy stuff happening, I used to leave the kitchen light on. But on this night the light was off. So I got up out of bed to turn it back on, and when I reached for the handle of my bedroom door...the door slammed shut! Of course I freaked! Mind you there were NO windows open so therefore no explanation for this to happen, right? I finally got the guts to open the door and turn my kitchen light back on. Needless to say, that was yet another sleepless night.

Then there was the day when a family recipe went up in flames in the kitchen. My aunt had this great recipe for a Swedish braid bread and my mom had a copy of the recipe. After much convincing, my mom gave me the only copy she had. I promised that "nothing was going to happen to it" and "Mom, I promise to give it right back". (To Mom, and for those of you who know my Mom, you know what I'm talking about.) Anyway, I'm in the kitchen just doing my thing with some candles lit on my kitchen table. The recipe was laying on the table no where near the candles. I hear a crackling sound...and then again. I turn around and there is the recipe floating in the flames completely engulfed! I think the ghosts heard me talking to my Mom and decided to play a little joke on me. Not a funny one.

So why did I stay there? It was cheap...my Mom was the landlord...and I used to make Danny stay with me most of the time (for protection of course!).

My Mom lives on the first floor of that house now and she has a few creepy stories as well that literally would make the hair on your arms stand up!

Boo to you! Happy Halloween!!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Disney Vacation

This sums up our trip.

But it was fun and so worth it.

We've been back since Saturday but I've been too exhausted and a little overwhelmed to blog. I started my new job yesterday. I'm not doing a whole lot other than just setting up shop and making a mess of my dining room. That is where I'm setting up shop. Mission: got to find a room somewhere in this house to use as an office!

Florida was hot, humid and loaded with gross flying and creepy crawly bugs but other than that it was very fun! We had a blast with my bro, his wife and their cute boys. Here are some of us waiting for the parade stuffing our faces with ice cream.

Seaworld is always fun. This time we made dinner reservations for Dine with Shamu and he literally swam right in front of us.

Oh the perks of having a sibling who works for Universal Studios. We got in free and had VIP passes for all the rides which translates to NO LINES! After the Barney show was over, the auditorium was cleared and we got to stay and have a private meet, hug and greet with Barnie! The littles loved this!

Ricky made me ride this ride....

The Hulk. The first time on it we sat in the front row and the second time we sat in the last row. I think the last row was scarier than the front row. He neglected to tell me that half way up the first hill you literally take off like a rocket and proceed to do loop after loop after loop. I love roller coasters and this one was crazy fun!

I think I got the worst mother of the year award after taking Nicholas and Julia on the Spiderman 3-D ride in Islands of Adventure. They were curled up next to me asking if it was almost over the second we got on it. I was laughing so hard and just having a blast. I was shouting "just close your eyes" as my sides were killing me from laughing. When I looked over at Julia after the ride was over her 3-D glasses were all crooked on her face and she looked like a disheveled mess. Oh I felt so bad. But really....it was F-U-N!!!!

One of the best days was Typhoon Lagoon. That was the only park where my kids didn't complain at all. All three of them were in heaven that day.

The Magic Kingdom is way too crowded for me...you all know how I love being around lots and lots of people. The parades and fireworks made up for it though. However you let two or more people come between you and your kids and the kids are gone forever. It truly was magical and fun though. Nicholas at one point during the fireworks was just so thrilled that he looked at Kimmy and told her he was so happy and he loved her. My boy is such a sweet soul.

Another highlight for the girls was meeting Ariel. They love her. The long line was worth it.

Princess Julia went to the Boutique in the Castle for the royal treatment of getting her hair, nails and makeup done.

She chose blond hair for her extensions instead of dark brown...I guess she wants to be a natural blond just like her mommy. ;)

The kids also enjoyed face painting at Islands of Adventure...which is way too fun for kids of all ages.

We all miss our Florida home, Ricky, Chieko and the kids so much and we're already talking about going back again next year.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Desperate Housewives, Dictations and Disney

Desperate Housewives:
Twelve women from my neighborhood, including myself, headed to Wellfleet down the Cape this past weekend. We left many, many children behind as well as husbands for a nice girls weekend away. We had lots of fun relaxing, eating, shopping, eating, biking, eating...you get the idea.

No more Medical Transcription for me! I swear I am "even Stephen". A few weeks ago the woman I work for called to say that the group of doctors she transcribes for are going with a national transcription company and I would soon be out of a job. Then a week later, my old boss called asking me if I would work for her from home as her account coordinator. Do I have the luck or what!?! I'm very excited to start a new job that requires some real thinking and won't cause my hands to ache 24/7!

We are off to Florida on Friday for a much needed vacation. We'll be visiting my beautiful nephews, my adorably funny brother and his sweetheart of a wife. Kimmy and Paula will be there too for the first weekend! I haven't seen my brother's new house yet or really had a chance to hang out with his whole family in a long time. It will be very, very fun!

So when I get back I should be tan (well the rest of my Italian family will be), relaxed and ready to start my new job!