Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Holding my breath...

Just wishing things would stay the same. I got my wish in 2007 for an uneventful year. However somehow I don't think that will be the case for 2008. I don't like change. I want my days to just flow as they usually do. No bad news. No one sick. No one dying. My New Year started off with another death. Thankfully no one very close, but this is how it went down in 2006.

Maybe I'll be wrong. But it sure doesn't feel that way right now. I'm worried. I'm scared. But I will try to stay strong and think positive.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

What we got for Christmas

The kids woke up to this under our tree...

Julia got a bike, this beautiful dollhouse, a diary, some makeup (that makes a big mess), a barbie styling head, some DVD's, and a CD player.

Gianna only cared about her lollipops she got in her stocking...

And Nicholas got a bike and lots and lots of cool gadget toys like this cool safe. An alarm sounds when someone without the code tries to break into it.

Even I got what I wanted. Danny bought me diamond earrings! This pair comes with screw on backs which I should have had with my first pair. Maybe this time I won't lose them.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year? Sick, sick, sick & sick

So much for the fun New Year's Eve we had planned. We got hit with this awful stomach bug this weekend. First it was Nicholas. Then exactly two days later it was Julia, Danny and me...all at once. Good thing we have three bathrooms. Danny and I were all hunched over trying to get things for each other. Poor Gianna was walking around for two days with her diapers hanging down to her knees. It took all our energy to change her. I gave her a bag of Ritz Crackers to eat for breakfast. How bad is that? Nicholas was the cutest though. He told us he would be in charge and kept us warm with blankets, made cards for us, colored us pictures, left walkie talkies by our bed in case we needed him and brought us pans in case we couldn't make it to the bathroom. He is such a compassionate boy.

It's crazy how time passes at a snails pace when you have the stomach bug. I was wondering how and when I would ever get better. It's funny when you lose your health for a bit you just can't wait to get back to normal and do the laundry, cook and clean. Stuff that I tend to complain about but now am so happy to be doing again. Our house was in shambles so today I spent part of the day with the limited energy I had sterilizing the bathrooms, washing floors, doing laundry, washing all the sheets, blankets and towels. It's good to be feeling better again...and a few pounds lighter too which is my reward for making it through it all I guess.