Monday, April 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Ricky

Rick (what Dad calls him)...Ricky (what Mom and his siblings call him)...Richard (what he calls himself at work)...Uncle Ricky (what my kiddos call him)...Ricky the Wrecker (what Grampy used to call him)...Daddy (of course what his kids call him)...Rickle Pickle (what our lovely next door neighbors used to call him when they were teasing the heck out of him). These are just some of the names he has earned over the years. But you know, he'll always be Ricky to me. My sweet, kind-hearted, loving, sensitive, caring, handsome, super talented, funny beyond words big brother whom I adore. Happy birthday Ricky!!!


I'm loud. I'm loud. I'm really really loud. Maybe it's because I don't think people hear me. Or maybe because I'm the smallest? Or maybe because I like to be the center of attention? Or maybe it's just to drive my Mommy crazy. 'Cause she gets really embarrassed sometimes. Like today at the vet. I just couldn't sit still. I had to run all over the place to check everything out. I wanted to try to take care of Lucky 'cause I knew he was scared. So I thought banging on his cage might help him or making really loud meowing sounds. I also stood in the corner of the room and pretended I was being punished just to see if Mommy would turn red again. I had to announce to everyone who could hear me that I was IN the corner. Oh and all those dogs walking in and out the door? I had to yell and run around like crazy so they would jump and bark at me. I guess I just wanted to be sure they were feeling OK and not sick or anything. I really like making loud noises like I'm throwing up or something. And I love to tell everyone when I boof or when something smells like poop. And I just had to make conversation with everyone in the waiting room and everyone who worked at the clinic too. I had to tell that nice lady in the waiting room that her dog smelled...pee-u...he STUNK. And I don't just tell people things. I have to really, really show them what I mean by waving my hands and wiggling my hips and making weird faces. I wonder why people look at me funny sometimes? I wonder why the vet asked if I'm a "handful"? Whatever that means.

I like to be heard you know. I have to be heard. Sorry Mommy...

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Southwick Zoo

We went to Southwick Zoo the other day. We love this zoo. It's very clean with so much do to. Like pony rides...

and a deer park where you can hang out with lots of deer and feed them right out of your hand. (We didn't know Gianna had crackers in her hand which is not the right kind of food for them.)

Nicholas and a deer in a stare down.

They have lots of very smelly animals like this pig...

Fun rides...

And best of all Nicholas and Julia got to ride on an elephant...


My new definition of happiness

Being happy doesn't mean everything is perfect.

It means you decide to see beyond the imperfections.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Opening Day T-ball

The first T-ball game was yesterday. Julia is playing for the first time this year. This is Nicholas' second year. Nicholas marched in the parade in the morning while Julia missed it due to dance. But that was a very good call because she never, ever would have made it. We're talking not even ten steps.

Danny is sponsoring the team this year...see...R.J. Smith Agency. Pops was at the game and was very happy about that!

My smiling boy...
I told Julia there is no crying in baseball. But as usual she didn't listen to me and cried about a dozen times before, during and after the game. She gets very anxious about things just like her mom. Here I am with her before the game telling her she will be fine.

Here is Danny coaching and encouraging Julia during the game...

Here's some video. Julia's very first time at bat with Nicholas sliding home...


Nicholas' first big hit of the season....


Thursday, April 10, 2008

Lots of learning going on here...

First and foremost...we have pee & poop in the potty!! Yippee!! Now, I'm not saying she is completely potty trained but it's a start. She was so cute yesterday. She told me she had to poop and sat on the potty for about ten minutes reading and coloring. She yelled out to me that she was done. When I went in I asked her if she went poop. She said "no" with a sigh. But when she got up...there it was in the potty. I said to her, "Then what is that?". She had this look of amazement on her face and said, "That's mine???". She had no idea that she went!

And second big news of the week...drumroll...Julia has learned to ride a bike! There were lots of tears two days ago but today there were lots of smiles and high fives!
And thirdly, we have two kindergartners who are really reading! Their progress is unbelievable. They are writing sentences and sounding out words all on their own. I think the whole process of learning how to read and write is simply fascinating.

I'm so proud of our kiddos!!!