Thursday, May 22, 2008

American Idol

I admit...I love reality TV. I love the following shows in no particular order. (Well, OK the first one is my personal fav.)

So You Think You Can Dance
The Hills
American Idol
The Bachelor
The Bachelorette
The Real World
Road Rules
The Real World/Road Rules Challenges
Dancing with the Stars
...and the list goes on and on.

Last night was the season finale of American Idol. Every single season (other than last year which I thought was a terrible bore) my personal favorites have never won. And sometimes get booted off way before the finale (like Jennifer Hudson and Chris Daughty). I'm tired of getting so worked up over this show and being let down. Last night I went to bed completely defeated. I wanted David A. to win!!! In my opinion he has the superior voice. I literally couldn't go to sleep it bothered me so much. Then today I was so bitter over it that I was such a witch all day! I can't imagine how David A. must be feeling, or his family for that matter.

Season One I wanted Justin (I know...I was probably the only one) and Kelly Clarkson won. Season Two I wanted Clay but Ruben won. Season Three I wanted Jennifer Hudson and Fantasia won. Season Four I wanted Bo Bice and Carrie Underwood won. Season Five I wanted Elliot Yamin or Chris Daughty and Soul Patrol won. Season Six I didn't care. Then this year I lost again! I'm taking this way too personally. I've got to get a life!!!

Capron Park

Today Julia's class at Little Blessings took a field trip to Capron Park. This park is literally minutes from our house but we've never been. I'm not sure why because it is really nice! They have a great park area with swings and slides and a zoo. The zoo was so clean and they had great animals. We got a behind the scene's tour this morning.

The zoo has a new white lion who is just two years old. Isn't he beautiful? I couldn't stop taking pictures of him.

This woman is preparing the food for all 100 plus animals in the zoo. It's a very stinky job!

I thought this was funny. She had cards next to each bowl and this one said "bats". Eeek!

Here's some video of the kids just before leaving the zoo. Notice Julia's mood (very typical for her). She was upset because she was hungry and wasn't happy with the snack she brought to school which was a banana. Luckily, she was able to trade with someone and her mood improved tremendously!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Hockey summer league

Nicholas had his first game last night for the summer league. Pictures are compliments of Nancy as I was a bad Mom and didn't go. Thanks CeCe!!! Look how cute he looks! I got all teary when I saw these. I just love my boy.

Monday, May 19, 2008

The Boys

Forgot to mention...Kimmy and I got tickets to see the Boys this summer! We are very excited! I heart Howie and she hearts A.J., love them.

Updating my profile

I'm very happy to report that I can take "diaper changer" off my profile! Gonzo! Danny very patiently finished the potty training and Gianna is now using the potty for everything all day long! The only thing we need to work on is staying dry for naps and bedtime but I'm fine with that for now. The hard stuff is d-o-n-e! Yippee!!! Here's the big girl...

I spent the weekend in Ogunquit with two of my friends. We had a nice, leisurely girls weekend. Lots of eating, sleeping late, reading, watching movies, talking, laughing, shopping, drinking, etc. Well deserved I assure you! I'm so glad we all have wonderful husbands who also think we deserve it! I brought my camera but no pictures were taken. Just too busy relaxing I guess. Now it's back to reality once again. But that's OK because I've got a nice life...spending my days with my kids...working from home...a husband who loves us and takes good care of us. Yeah...a nice life.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Mother's Day at Little Blessings

Today Julia and her class celebrated Mother's Day. They hosted a special brunch for all the moms. The children waited on us. We weren't allowed to get up from the tables! It was very nice!

The teacher showed me a picture Julia made earlier in the morning. That's me in the red dress and Julia in blue. She always draws hearts over our heads.

They sang us a song to start things off...

And these are all the "Little Blessings" in her classroom. Did I ever mention how much I love this school? Oh all the time!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Afraid of bees

I walked out back to check on the girls as they enjoyed their popsicles and saw this...

Julia protecting herself from the bees.