Thursday, October 30, 2008

My Funny Little One

Oh Gianna. How she makes me laugh. Yesterday we were driving in the car. Just the two of us. She was commenting on how the trees were so pretty with all the different colors. We passed some horses and she shouts from the back seat, "Mom, the horses are changing colors too!!!" Then a man was walking on the side of the road and she yells, "Hey Dude! Get out of the road!" Everything is "dude" lately. Must be from Scoobie Doo.

This morning at school was Farm Day. This was my 4th farm day so I'm a pro by now. I knew enough to walk very quickly to the pony ride first thing so Gianna was first in line! Then I knew to quickly make our way over to face painting and then quickly over to the craft table. No lines = happy child!

Being as expressive as she is, I'm not sure why she looks exactly the same in every one of the pictures above.
How I adore my funny little one! She is pure simple joy that one.


Nicholas and Gianna are loving all the Christmas catalogs! And we are getting TONS of them. (That is probably due to the fact that I do a lot of ordering on-line around the holidays.) Gianna is so cute. When the new catalogs arrive in the mail, she grabs her pencil and starts circling. And I mean circling EVERYTHING! Toys for babies, toys for boys, toys for girls. She doesn't care. As long as they are colorful and look like fun!

Nicholas has been taking this to school with him everyday:

The first catalog was looked at so much it was destroyed. Luckily (?) we got a new one in the mail the other day. It has been circled to no end. Nicholas has his heart set on a bunch of toys but they are so expensive! I don't think one of them is under $40. Why on earth does this stuff cost so much? Most of it breaks anyway.

And then there is Julia. My good girl that doesn't ask for anything! She simply doesn't care about getting gifts. She's grateful when she does get presents but never, ever asks for anything! Isn't that wonderful?!?!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Funny stuff

The other night Nicholas was out with a friend and still not home at bedtime. Julia, who doesn't like to sleep alone, shares a room right now with Nicholas. She started to cry at bedtime saying she wanted Nicholas with her because she was scared. Gianna looked up at her and said, "Julia, I'm not afraid of DUDES!" (Instead of monsters.)

As I tuck Julia and Nicholas in at night, they like to compliment me and Danny by saying we're as beautiful or handsome as this or that. They get quite creative. My favorite one recently was Nicholas when he said, "Mom, you're as beautiful as a flower in a field of weeds."

Sunday, October 19, 2008

We're baaack

This year was even better than last year. We did 7 parks in 7 days. Crazy but fun! We visited the Magic Kingdom twice, Animal Kingdom, Typhoon Lagoon, Hollywood Studios, Universal and Epcot. I did all the coasters by myself as I'm the only one who loves them. The best was the Aerosmith roller coaster in Hollywood Studios. So fun! We went to the Not So Scary Halloween Party at the Kingdom again this year. That parade is my favorite part. Here we have a storm trooper, Scoobie and Hannah Montana...

joined later by Indiana Jones (aka Justin) and Spiderman (aka Zach). Our favorite place to be ever...Typhoon Lagoon. Everyone has fun here!

Running off to what Gianna called "Gianna's castle" or the kiddie water park...

Meeting Minnie Mouse...After the picture was taken Gianna said, "Oh Mommy. She is so beautiful!" Now for the big drama during our vacation. Julia lost a tooth. I knew there was going to be drama when it fell out but it was WAY WAY worse than I ever imagined. I was in the bathroom when it happened. As I was walking back to our stroller, I saw a crowd around it. Then I realized it was Julia who they were all circled around. She was crying hysterically holding a tissue to her mouth. I thought she fell and knocked a tooth out. After realizing it was her wiggly bottom tooth, I had to get in her face and tell her to get a grip (as she was hyperventilating). We quickly left that area as she had created quite a scene. The crying and sobbing lasted almost an hour (but felt like four). Ricky was the one to snap her out of it thank goodness. We met lots of characters. We had lunch in the castle at Cinderella's Royal Table. I had to call 180 days in advance to get the reservation. It was pricey but very fun. The kids got in line to meet Cinderella and had their pictures taken with her. Then we went upstairs in the castle and had a sit down lunch. They rang a bell and all the princesses entered. The kids met Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Jasmine and Belle. After this picture was taken Julia whispered to me, "Mom. I felt her glove on my shoulder!" So cute!

Gianna enjoyed her chocolate dessert...

Others we met...

And Gianna's absolute FAVORITE...Scoobie Doo!! Afterwards, the mystery machine drove by with Shaggy in it. She yelled to Shaggy that she just saw Scoobie by the pumpkins. It was priceless!

Some short videos...

I also have to say thanks to my adorable brother Ricky and sweet Chieko for spending so much time with us and treating us to two yummy meals! I wish I got to spend more time with Tyler who is such a wonderful handsome young man now. Hopefully he will come here to visit soon!

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Vacation time

We're off to Disney. I'm looking forward to seeing my brother and his family. We have lots of fun stuff planned for this trip. It will be exhausting I'm sure but I'm ready for it. At least Gianna is potty trained this year so that's a plus! We'll have lots of pictures to post when we get back! Bye for now!

P.S. Thanks for caring Ann e!!! You're so funny!!!