Monday, March 30, 2009

Gianna is 4

Yesterday was Gianna's 4th birthday! She had so much FUN! But then again...this girl always has fun!

Her Scoobie Doo cake turned her blue!

She got some of her favorite things like:


as well as some more furry friends.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

My favorite word

1. something that brings deep happiness and contentment

Look at what you love to do.
Look at what brings you JOY.
Look at what gives you peace.
There is your calling, waiting for you to embrace it.

What brings me JOY?

Watching Danny play with our kids.
His warm smile.
Nicholas and his gentle soul.
Julia's sweetness.
Gianna's silliness.
Memories of Lucky.
The color Yellow.
Our home.

Just a few on a list a mile long.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Girls at play

Not sure what they were playing but when I walked into the room Gianna was all cozy on the loveseat with a crown on her head surrounded by her furry friends and Julia was singing songs for her.

They are getting to be friends now...and that's why I had give my Julia a sister. I know how important my sisters are to me and I wanted her to have that too.

Friday, March 20, 2009

A day in the life of Me

Thursday, March 19th

6:00 a.m. - Alarm goes off as I'm determined to get back into an exercise routine.

6:01 - Shut the alarm off and decide I will start that exercise routine tomorrow morning instead.

7:00 - Get up, get the kids breakfast, get Nicholas' backpack ready for school, take my shower and get dressed.

8:00 - Start the 20 minutes of nagging Nicholas to get ready for school.

8:25 - Put Nicholas on the school bus...wave bye to him even though he doesn't notice me anymore because he's with his friends.

8:30 - Get Gianna and Julia ready so we can drive Gianna to preschool.

8:35 - Try to convince Gianna why she shouldn't bring Nemo for show & tell for the umpteenth millionth time.

8:36: Gianna puts Nemo in her show & tell bag anyway.

8:50: Leave to take Gianna to school.

8:57: Arrive at Little Blessings and grab one of the other hockey Moms by the sleeve as she's walking down the hall to see if she can drive Nicholas to hockey practice later in the day as I have to be in two places at the same time.

8:58: Grab another Mom by the sleeve as I frantically remember Gianna is celebrating her birthday in school next week and her son has a life threatening peanut allergy. Not sure if my birthday snack will kill her child or not.

9:00: Say bye to my sweet little girl and notice her making one of her weird faces at another little girl. She yells at Gianna to stop.

9:10: Back home to play Nancy Drew with Julia for about 10 minutes until I have to stop and clean up the disaster of a house around me.

11:30: Back to Little Blessings to pick up Gianna. As I peek through the classroom window I notice Gianna is still tormenting that poor little girl who sits next to her in circle time with those faces she likes to make at others. Note to self..must talk to Gianna about this.

11:45: Back home and must get Julia lunch, pack her backpack and get her ready for school.

12:10: Wait in the driveway for the school bus while playing games of "Mother May I", "Red Light Green Light" and "Simon Says".

12:15: Bus arrives. Julia gets into her seat on the bus and looks out the window at me with the same worried face she has every single day as if she is being driven off to the gas chamber and blows me kisses.

12:20: Go back in the house and ask Gianna if she wants to go to McDonalds for lunch (a.k.a. kill time). She wants to go the McDonalds clear on the other side of town because it is the "funnest place".

12:40: Arrive at McDonalds, eat and go into the playroom which is heaven for Gianna. I happen to take a seat by the door and good thing too. I stop many children from leaving the premises as their teenage mothers text endlessly on their cell phones and ignore their children.

1:30: Convince Gianna it is time to leave as my head is about to blow off with all the noise and extra parenting I am doing.

1:45: Arrive back home and hand Gianna over to the babysitter (TV) with some apple juice and start making dinner (chicken casserole...Martha would be so proud).

2:15: Play with Gianna with one hand and check work emails with the other.

3:30: Bus is here. Nicholas and Julia crash through the door yelling for snacks as if they haven't eaten in weeks. Plop Nicholas down at the table right away to do his homework as we have to leave again in 40 minutes.

3:31: Hand out snacks, frantically gather hockey equipment and coloring books, get Julia to change into her leotard for gymnastics, put up her hair and supervise homework being done.

4:10: Drop Nicholas off at a neighbor's house for hockey practice.

4:30: Arrive at the gym for Julia's gymnastics class.

4:45: Julia rings the cow bell for the very first time (which tells everyone that someone has learned a new trick and all eyes are on that gymnast to watch).

4:46: Gianna announces she has to pee while Julia makes her way over to the floor to show off her new trick.

4:46 and 1 second: Tell Gianna to hold her pee but see she is grabbing herself.

4:46 and 2 seconds: Drag Gianna to the bathroom and throw her on the potty and stick my head out the door in the nick of time to watch Julia do a back bend kick over by herself!

4:46 and 3 seconds: Clap like crazy for my girl and then get back to wiping Gianna.

6:00: Gymnastics is over and after watching these kids work out for 1 1/2 hours, somehow in my mind I feel like I've exercised too so I don't feel that guilty about shutting off the alarm at 6:00 a.m.

6:15: Arrive back home and starving for my chicken casserole. Danny arrives home with Nicholas and we all sit down to eat the delicious meal I slaved over in the afternoon. The grown ups love it but the kids decide they would rather go to bed hungry and forgo dessert than eat it.

6:30: Drill Nicholas on his spelling words for his test the next day as he is falling off his chair in exhaustion from hockey. He continuously misspells "said" as "sed" and "fly" as "fli". I sit and curse the person who thought of how to spell these words in the first place.

7:00: Too tired for baths and hope the kids don't smell at school the next day from all the exercise they just did.

8:00 p.m.: Put the kids to bed and climb into bed myself. Eyes...won't...stay... open...

Can't wait for Saturday morning when Nicholas has a hockey game at 7:00 a.m., cub scouts pinewood derby race at 9:00, Julia has dancing at 10:00 and gymnastics at 12:00 and I have a hair appointment at 12:30.

Monday, March 16, 2009

funny & cute stuff

After I told Gianna I couldn't find her color wonder markers...
Gianna: "Momma, my face is really down."
Me: "What??? Why?"
Gianna: "Because I'm really sad."

Julia to Gianna: "Gianna. Get that for me over there on the floor. Not that. No. Not that. No...forward...left...go over there...YES! That. Give me that." (Julia wanted the clicker for the TV).
Julia: As she notices me glaring at her for bossing Gianna around. "What?!? She's my robot!"

When Nicholas got home from school yesterday, he asked Gianna if she had a good day at preschool. Then he noticed the picture of the sun she had made at school and told her he loved it. Then he gave her a big hug. He's 7! Pretty amazing.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

What we've been up to...

Face painting...

Standing on our heads...

and jumping up and down...

Come on over and join us!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Been there before...

The house was built in 1718...

Nicholas had gone to this house on Sunday afternoon for a play date with a friend from school. When I dropped him off, the Dad told me the house was for sale and gave me a tour of the downstairs. It's a great old house with tons of character. I was back to pick up Nicholas later that afternoon and he said he had lots of fun doing all the typical kid stuff...playing video games, climbing trees, etc.

Later that night when Danny and Nicholas were in the car, Nicholas was telling Danny about his day at his friend's house. He started telling Danny how he "knew" the house he was in that day. At first, Danny was thinking he had been over there before, but then Nicholas said it was his first time there to play but he "felt" like he had been there before. He started telling Danny how he knew where all the rooms the stairs to the attic and the door to the basement. Now in this house, because it is so old, the doors are in different locations unlike newer houses. Nicholas said he remembered the "bump on the floor under the carpet" in the hallway upstairs. He said "they never fixed it". And he said they painted the bathroom sink black when it used to be stone. He also commented on how he "knew" the backyard which is really, really big. He said he remembered the woods.

Has he been there before in another life or something??? Nicholas never said anything to me about it so when Danny told me the story last night I was totally creaped out. I got goose bumps. I asked Nicholas about it this morning and he was telling me all the things he told Danny. I have no explanation for this. I personally don't believe in reincarnation...or maybe I prefer not to. The whole idea of it just freaks me out.

On a lighter note...this morning when Gianna woke up, she asked me if she had "crap" on her face. I said "What??? Cracks?" And she said, "NO...CRAP!" I asked her who uses that word. And she said..."You". Oh. Sometimes I say things out of frustration. Not good.

Monday, March 09, 2009

Danger Will Robinson!!!


We have a new Dr. Smith in charge!!!

So proud of you Skimmy...ahhh...sorry...I mean..."DR. SMITH". (I'll have to get used to that one...oh the pain...the pain.)