Sunday, May 31, 2009

Lions and Tigers and Bears

oh my...Danny and Nicholas spent the night at the zoo with his cub scout den. They did pretty good sleeping in a tent on the ground all night long. I'm sure they'll go to bed extra early tonight.

This morning Julia had her very first gymnastics meet. She did really well! I was so proud of her. She has so much self confidence. She wasn't nervous at all. She had a big smile on her face the entire time and was so excited to do her routines. Julia cheered on all her teammates and had big hugs for each girl when they finished. She's a good friend.

Here she is with her team...

This little friend got a perfect score on the vault! They dance together too. Such cute friends...

All the girls received medals. Julia also got 3 red ribbons for her beam (8.0), bar (8.2) and floor routines (8.1) and 1 white ribbon for her vault (7.5).

Color codes for ribbons:

Blue: 8.5 to 9.0

Red: 8.0 to 8.4

White: 7.5 to 7.9

Yellow: 7.0 to 7.4

Once back home, she went upside down again...

Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Prince & The Ball

Last night Patty's daughter went to the senior prom (although she is only a sophomore). She looked like a princess. I heard Gianna whisper to Julia, "Is she going to the ball?" How cute. Then later on when we were looking at the pictures on my camera Gianna said, "Oh, let me see her with the Prince!" Gianna really and truly thought she went to the ball with her prince! Just so sweet and so innocent.

Isn't she beautiful?

Now onto MY prince and THE BALL....

My sweet baby boy was AWESOME last night! He got all three outs at first base and got to take home the game ball! He is really good at baseball. He is especially good in the outfield and can really crush the ball.

Look at that he's a prince.

And he makes me happy...

and proud.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Resting Up

June is almost here which means the craziness is about to begin. I think we all better rest up as much as possible before then.

Just a few events that are coming up...

- Nicholas' cub scout "zoo snooze" which is an overnight camping trip at our local zoo. All I can say is..."I'm soooooo glad it's not me going!!!"
- Julia's very first gymnastics meet
- THREE birthday parties
- Julia's dance recital
- Gianna's preschool field trip to the zoo
- Gianna's gymnastics show
- Julia's gymnastics show
- two more weeks of baseball games
- Gianna's last day of school "see you later alligator" show
- baseball pool party at our house
- spirit day at the elementary school
- we're having a...gulp...yard sale
- Danny's family reunion
- last day of school kindergarten party

Yawn...I'm tired already.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

Last night I had dinner with an old friend of mine from college. Kathy was one of my closest friends back then. We lost touch after our weddings but connected again recently through Facebook. It was so great seeing her. We sat out on the patio of this beautiful new restaurant enjoying the warm weather and talking for hours. The conversation just picked up where we left off. I forgot how much I love that girl. I miss those days and the friendships. I wish we had more time at that school. The two years there went by way too fast.

(I'm on the far left in the middle row and Kathy is the 3rd from the left in the middle row.)


This morning Nicholas had a baseball game at 8:00 a.m. and then he marched in our town's Memorial Day Parade with his cub scout pack. Me, Danny and the kids marched along side of him.


I've always thought that Gianna had sensory issues. Now after talking with my friend last night who is an occupational therapist, I'm convinced that she does. She was telling me about her 9 year old son who has sensory issues. The symptoms were almost identical to Gianna's.

Here are just a few of Gianna's quirks...

1. She has major issues with clothing only wearing certain familiar items that don't "cling" to her body. This includes dancewear like tights and leotards, jeans, clingy shirts, dress up clothes, most bathing suits or just about any new items of clothing that she is unfamiliar with. It's as if I'm torturing her and it's burning holes in her skin. Not fun to watch. She has to have socks on her feet at all times. She'll only wear certain shoes. She only will wear her feety pajamas even in this 90 degree heat.
2. She won't ride a bike.
3. She's afraid of water (especially the ocean) and she won't wear swimmies on her arms (probably because she's scared she'll have to swim and they are too tight on her body).
4. She won't go on an escalator without me holding her.
5. She won't go on swings anymore.

And the list goes on and on...

I feel badly for her. I'm afraid all these issues are only going to get worse as she gets older. I just want to help her and work with her to get over these problems so she can enjoy her life and not be so anxious. Oh, and Kathy said it is hereditary. Hmmm...I wonder which parent she got that from? Maybe the one who can't wear any fabrics that are itchy, cuts all the tags out of her shirts, never really learned how to swim, has panic attacks occasionally and has some social anxiety?

This is what I know about it...

Sensory Integration Dysfunction (SID, also called sensory processing disorder) is a neurological disorder causing difficulties with processing information from the five senses (vision, auditory, touch, olfaction, and taste), the sense of movement (vestibular system), and/or the positional sense (this explains her fear of riding bikes, swings and escalators). For those with SID, sensory information is sensed, but perceived abnormally. Unlike blindness or deafness, sensory information is received by people with SID; the difference is that information is processed by the brain in an unusual way that may cause distress or confusion.

After the parade, Julia had gymnastics. She continues to do well. In my mind, I'm going crazy saying to myself "point your feet", "straighten your legs", "fix your arms" and so on. I often forget that she's only 6 years old. It can take months and months to get a new trick and she's only been there for 3 months. Pretty amazing I say...

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Recital Ready

Julia had to wear her tap costume (Itty Bitty Pretty One) to dancing yesterday to rehearse so I was able to snap a few pictures before she left. She looked so pretty and of course loved posing! I'm hoping to get her in her acro costume tomorrow before she goes to the studio for pictures.

Moving on...we discovered a little bird had built a nest in one of our trees. Shortly after we saw six tiny blue eggs.

Then just yesterday we saw 3 eggs had hatched. They were the cutest little things. We were so careful to just peek a little here and there and tried to stay away so the Mama Bird could take care of her babies.

Well, this morning Patty stopped over to take a look at the birds and discovered they were all gone except one. We're not sure what happened during the night but obviously something not good. The nest wasn't disturbed at all but something got into it. So sad. I had a feeling this wouldn't end well. Now only one tiny bird is left in the nest and is barely clinging to life. It appears Mama Bird either is no longer with us or she has abandoned the nest. She wasn't the smartest bird to have made that nest there in the first place so close to all the action and so low in the tree. I'm sure we will have to bury baby bird later today. : (

Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Robing of Dr. Smith

Today was Kimmy's robing ceremony.

There were lots of hugs to go around for all her hard work...

Skimmy and Mom...

Two very proud sisters...

Mr. B.C. himself "Brother Bill", Aunt Paulie, Pops and CeCe...

Kimmy's other half, Paula...

Proud Pops...

Three B.C. graduates...

and three happy and proud nieces and nephew with their much loved Auntie...

with yummy cake (way way better than Shaw's...)

and a good time was had by all...


Saturday, May 16, 2009

The cub turns into a TIGER!

Julia started out on the Cub Team this past February...

and now just a few months later, she's already moving up to the Tiger Team.

She'll be doing four hours of gymnastics a week this summer. What great exercise! I'm so proud of her. She's loving it and working so hard. She has her first meet coming up in a few weeks. I'm sure she'll do great! (See some videos of her practicing her routines at the end.)

Tonight was Julia's first Father Daughter Dance. Bridget came over earlier to curl her hair and I did her makeup.

Daddy surprised her with some flowers.

Before you know it she'll be going to her Prom...

I really wish I could be a fly on the wall! She was so excited!

Here is Julia practicing her beam routine. (Ignore the messy house in the background.)

And Julia's floor routine...

And if I can make a prediction...Gianna is going to be quite a good little gymnast as well. She has been working on her cartwheels and actually they are already even better than this...