Saturday, March 31, 2012

Gianna turns 7!!!

Our baby turned 7 on Thursday. She had THREE parties!!! How awesome is that?  Party one was hosted by CeCe.  She made this sweet horse cake for Gianna.  She was so thoughtful with all her preparations.

My brother was up from Florida to do some birthday celebrating with us.  It was my Dad's birthday too the weekend before.  My brother brought my cute little 7 year old nephew, Zachary.  My kids had so much fun playing with their cousin.


Make your own bubblegum!!!  That's going to be fun!

I love this picture of Gianna.  Pure happiness and excitement that it's HER birthday.

The next day, Ricky and I took our kids bowling and to the arcade.

I have to interrupt the birthday celebrations to show you Julia's costume she wore to the Little Red School House field trip at school.  Doesn't she look cute?

This is her saying, "Does this dress make my butt look big?" back to the birthday fun..  So on Gianna's "real" birthday, we of course had to have another birthday celebration with homemade cake, ice cream and presents!

She loves her Uncle Franny!

Yummy, yummy, yummy....peppermint stick ice cream from Bliss.  Nothing like it!

She got a few movies....

and of course a few stuffed friends...

And then last night was her friend birthday party.  I told you...THREE parties!!!

I loved that all her friends from school, dance and the neighborhood came to help celebrate.

She picked out this's so her...

My beautiful, silly babies...

Gianna's best friend, Brady...

At the end of the party, they did a big pig pile on Gianna.  So cute!  I can tell she is very well liked by all the kids.  That makes my heart happy.

I also loved that one little boy that was at the party told his Mom..."That was the most fun party ever...and it was a GIRL party too!"  So cute!

Jr Acro


Sunday, March 25, 2012

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Julia's solo from Hall of Fame

We finally got the DVD of her solo in the mail the other day. She looked so beautiful that day!!! Platinum and 2nd place!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

What a weekend!

Julia and her dance team did a fabulous job this weekend at Starquest!  Both Julia's junior and senior acro teams won the Apogee Awards for having the highest scores in the entire four day competition!

That's some big trophy...

Her trio won big too!  They won a platinum plus which is the highest award given and 1st place!  They put in endless hours so it was well deserved for sure! Here they are with their teacher and choreographer, Miss Hope.  She is super nice!

The little one in the middle below, Jada, is only 6 and crazy good!  Of course, she is the teacher's daughter.

Here are two members of the Julia and her cute friend, Alyssa.  Cutest costumes ever!

Steam Heat...

Oh, and forgot to mention that Julia's solo "Colors of the Wind" won a High Gold!  She was beautiful!  It was a tough competition this time though with over 70 girls in her division.  So proud of my girl!!

Friday, March 16, 2012


Last night, Julia competed her solo for only the second time.  You would have thought it was an everyday event for her.  She was so relaxed and just lit up the stage!  I cried before she danced, while she danced and after she danced.  I was a mess but she was as cool as a cucumber!  I don't know how she does it.  That stage is HUGE and she is a tiny little thing.  Oh my baby girl.  I'm so proud!!!  Her group dances are this weekend.  Good luck Julia Rose!!!

Sunday, March 04, 2012

Father Daughter Dance & Playing Hookie

Tonight was the Father Daughter dance....

My girls are starting to look so mature...don't you think? 

Gianna was having fun posing.  I know she felt so pretty tonight!  When I first told her about the dance, her first reaction was that she wasn't going to go.  She doesn't like wearing different clothes than the ones she wears on a regular basis.  But I let her decide what she wanted to wear and she picked one of Julia's dresses.  I think she looked gorgeous!

Friday, I surprised Nicholas and dismissed him from school.  Remember how I did this with Julia in the fall when we went to the American Girl store?  Well, he has reminded me every day since that it was his turn!

I took him to Dave & Busters!

He played tons of violent video games...

and drank Root Beer...

Later on I took him clothes shopping and he picked out the CUTEST outfit!  He looks so handsome in it! Of course an ice cream ended our day.  I love spending one on one time with my babies.  There's nothing like it.

Later that day I told Gianna it was her turn next!  She replied, "No thanks Mom. I like school way too much."   Great.