Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Almost summer....

Summer is almost least it feels like it.  It has been very warm and humid.  We're not used to this kind of weather this time of year.  But on the positive side, we've been using the pool a lot.  Memorial Day weekend was a lot of fun.  We swam in our pool, did lots of yard work, went to a Pleasantville cookout and ate lobsters and s'mores.  Nicholas' lacrosse team had two scrimmages at Foxboro Stadium Monday morning, the day of the NCAA lacrosse championship.  It was so fun watching the kids play on the big field!

Afterwards we stopped at the Bass Pro Shop. The kids love that store!  We saw these turtles...some on top of each is that comfortable?  Or maybe it's the babies on their moms?

Doesn't this guy look real???

And we all played this fun game...

Only TWO more weeks of school left!  How did that happen so fast???  Yikes!  This mama is always in a panic just thinking about the long summer days ahead and trying to keep the kids busy and having fun.  Lots of pressure!  I hope I'll be able to find that perfect balance of activities and down time.  Fingers crossed!!  But before that, we have a lot of things happening in June like the end of lacrosse season, several school field trips and projects due, birthday parties, dance picture day, school spirit day, a graduation party, a family reunion, the girl's dance recital and dance nationals at Mohegan Sun!  Phew!!!  I know I haven't been posting as much but I'm sure with all those activities coming up, there should be plenty of pictures and things to talk about!! 

So until then....

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Dance Competitions

The past two weekends have been spent at dance competitions. That meant crazy long days but a lot of fun, that's for sure. Last weekend was Bravo. The trio "I Feel Like a Woman" won Platinum and the top petite duo/trio!  They looked great as usual....

Julia's solo won a gold medal.  She didn't place but she did a gorgeous job as usual!

All her groups won platinum.

Then this past weekend was Starpower.  The trio took 2nd place with 4 3/4 stars....aren't they cute???

It was Gianna's very first dance competition too.  She performed an acro with her team called "Barnyard Boogie".  It was so cute!!!  They won 3rd place in the petite large group division.  See their reaction below.  Honestly, they could have placed last and it wouldn't have mattered.  They just loved hearing their name called!!  They also won 3rd place for "11 and under overall excellence" in the open category.  Not bad for their very first competition!

Gianna did a fantastic job on stage!!!

"Papa Can You Hear Me" won won1st place in the petite large group category and top overall lyrical dance in the entire 8 and under division.

Steam Heat won 2nd place in the petite large group category....

And junior and senior acro won big too.  Five stars, first place and too many other awards to remember.

I thought it was so nice Nicholas came to support his sisters...two days in a row no less!  And honestly, hardly a complaint from him too!  He was a proud big brother.

But saving the best for last....Julia got 5 stars and FIRST PLACE for her solo this time!!!  I had put her in the intermediate division so it was a bit easier than the elite division but still...there were 22 girls and only one other girl got 5 stars.  And my baby girl came in FIRST!!!  She has worked very hard on this solo and she should be so proud!  Her Auntie Kerry is a genius.  She picked the best song, designed the best costume and created the most beautiful choreography.  We're so lucky!!!

So moving her down in the junior division was my idea.  This is her first year doing a solo, only her second year competing and she is only 9.  She is up against girls who are 10, 11 and 12.  I wanted to boost her confidence and give her an opportunity to score a little higher than she would against the elite dancers plus possibly give her an opportunity to place.  Never in my wildest dreams did I think she would do this good!  I was a little embarrassed actually.  I'm sure there were a few people who had something to say about it.  Oh well.  I figure you can look at it one of two ways...either A, I played it really smart by moving her down or B, I'm a crazy dance mom who wants to give my kid a chance to place.  I'd like to think I'm a bit of both. ;)

Julia with two of her teammates....

Love this picture...

and this one too...

Now on to Starpower Nationals the end of June!!!  Can't wait!!

Oh and forgot to mention...I had a wonderful Mother's Day!!  The kids made me cute handmade gifts and cards.  And Danny bought me beautiful flowers and gave me a gift certificate for a mani/pedi.  I also got to spend the day with my Mom, CeCe and most of my family over the weekend.  So all that made my heart so happy.  Life is good!

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Gianna's dog story

Gianna wrote a story in school about how badly she wants a dog and how her Mommy won't let her have one. I couldn't stop laughing when I saw this. Notice the big puddle of tears on the ground and the wall that separates her from the dog.  You can just "hear" my tone of voice in this story. Oh...and she passed this in to her teacher. Great.  It makes me look like a meanie....(chuckle)....

I'll translate for you.... 'Hi. My name is Gianna and I always wanted to have a dog since when I was 1 years old. Pretty much all my friends have a dog. All I always wanted was just a dog but what does my Mom say? "Gianna!! I told you we are not going to have a dog!! If you say that one more time you are grounded!!!"  But my Mom said when I'm a grown up then I can get a dog!!'

Gianna's 1st grade teacher

Gianna wrote a story in school the other day. She just adores her teacher which makes my heart happy!!

 This says "My Teacher" (it got cut off in the scanner)...

(She said she drew herself "big" to show she's too big for 1st grade next year...)

("I might see her around in school.  It could happen."...).

("But I won't go to 2nd grade for a long time"....)