Friday, June 29, 2012

Recital and Starpower Nationals

Last Saturday was the recital. It was Julia's 6th recital and Gianna's 3rd. I thought the girls did a fantastic job!

(Papa Can You Hear Me and Barnyard Boogie costumes)

with teacher and choreographer for "Papa", Miss Hope....

Ballet "A Dream is a Wish"

Tap "Cold Feet"

Julia and her friends, the Vigevani sisters

Vigevani sisters and Julia & Gianna

Leah, Onecia, Julia, Caitlyn and Sarah

Jada, Emilee, Leah, Alyssa, Julia & Sarah

Sarah & Julia

The morning after the recital, Julia and I had to drive down to Mohegan Sun for Nationals.  Her solo was on at 8:00 a.m.!!!!  That meant getting up at 4:00 a.m. and leaving the house at 5:15 a.m.!!!  And that was after a very long day of dancing in two recitals (and me running around doing a ton of costume changes)!  But our adrenaline got us through!

Julia did another beautiful performance of "Colors of the Wind".  It was just the two of us there at that crazy early hour.  I clapped and cheered like crazy for her!!  And here is a gorgeous picture of her dancing....

So there she sat....all alone on the stage....I was sitting right in front of her trying to keep her company....we made faces at each other.  : )

She won a trophy for winning the "open" division...

and then....she won SECOND PLACE OVERALL in the junior 9-11 all-star category!!!!!!  She competed against 35 girls!  Look how tiny she is compared to the girl who won first.

The trophy is bigger than her! 

I'm so proud of her!!!  Pretty awesome for her first solo!  

Then we walked through the lobby and Julia spotted a picture of herself on the wall!  (Far left...)  What a day!!!

Later that day as we walked through the mall at Mohegan, we saw people gathering around a stage and found out Derek Hough from Dancing with the Stars was going to perform!!  I love him!!!

He is so gorgeous and super talented!!

Here he is dancing....

The next day the trio competed.  The talent at Nationals was crazy good!!!  Julia's teachers were all nervous and edgy.  They wanted the girls to be super stretched out.  So here they are torturing my girl!!  ; )

Before they danced, we waited for the petite solo awards.  And Julia's teammate and good friend, Alyssa, took first place!!!  So exciting!!!  It was a really hard competition so it was huge that she won!  Look at the size of that trophy!!

Here are the kids helping her carry it back to the dressing room.  Yes, they walked through the casino dressed like that carrying a crazy huge trophy.  So funny!

Nicholas and Gianna had so much fun helping!

Shortly after, we found out the trio won FIRST PLACE in the petite division!!!

What a great day for the little ones!!!

And Nicholas won the trophy for being the most helpful, amazingly good boy there!!!

Here are the girls getting ready for an award ceremony...(Julia's in pink)

Junior Acro Team performed "The Matadors".  They won 2nd place!!  

And Julia's jazz team won 1st PLACE for "Steam Heat"!  So exciting!!!

Here is the winning moment!!!

I'm so proud of all the girls but especially my baby girl!!  Just 9-years-old.  She amazes me with her talent and poise!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


I love finally getting to watch my girls dance side by side!  Practicing the finale...

Hurray for Hollywood

This is Gianna's tap dance (she starts 4th from the left)...

Sweet Georgia Brown

This is Gianna's jazz dance (she's on the floor on the left side near the front)...

Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day

By Nicholas

Lover of hockey, lacrosse and Lynwoods
Who needs my hugs, my kisses and my love
Who gives me support, hugs and love
Who fears peas, liver and Dance Moms
Who would like to see the Hockey Hall of Fame, Boston Bruins and the Boston Cannons
Who likes to wear shorts, t-shirts and fancy clothes

Dear Dad, 

I love it when we play outside.
You are funniest when you pretend to hit Mom.  (It's not as bad as it sounds...really!)
You are most handsome when you dress up for work.


Julia gave her Dad four coupons good for...
   1. Mowing the lawn but give me $5.00. (Smart girl!)
   2. Picking basil for dinner.
   3. Taking out the trash on a Tuesday.
   4. Getting the mail.  

Danny's a great Dad, a true family man, and a wonderful husband.  We are lucky.  

And to my I wish I could have spent the day with you yesterday.  I walked around the yard looking at my flowers thinking of you.  The impatiens are so beautiful.  Father's Day will never be the same. I love and miss you every single day. 

Teach Me How to Shimmy

This is Julia's Monday class jazz routine. You can hear Hope saying..."oh yeah"..."stretch your feet"..."oh yeah"...over and over. And she's not even the teacher!! Funny!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Last Day of School

Yesterday was the last full day of school and all the classroom parties.  This day is always bittersweet.  I was so happy with all their teachers this year.  All three kids loved school and loved their teachers.  So that equals success for me!!

But backing up a bit....two days ago Julia's 3rd grade class got to display their animal habitat projects they worked so hard on.  Julia did hers on the white-tailed deer.

She did a great job!

Now back to the classroom parties...Julia's 3rd grade class had ice cream, colored visors and signed t-shirts....

Then it was on to Gianna's 1st grade classroom....they had cupcakes and did a craft...

posing with her best friend Brady....

And then it was over to Nicholas' 4th grade classroom....they had cupcakes, did a gooey craft and also signed some t-shirts....

My boy only has one more year left in elementary school.   Oh where does the time go?!?!

Then I had to go back to each classroom to collect my is the result of all her class signatures...

I take this picture every year...

We have one more year with all three of our babies in one school.  Monday is a half day and then it's summer vacation time!!!

I'm looking forward to making our "summer list" for this summer!  Here is our list from last year....

We didn't get to some of these things so maybe we'll do them this year?  We'll see...