Friday, September 27, 2013

Ordinary days

For some reason, I feel as if I don't want to forget this...

This is our pediatric dental office where my kids have been going since Nicholas was just two years old. I don't like those early morning appointments every six in September and one in March...which means all of us have to wake up extra early, backpacks need to be packed, lunches need to be made (thank you Daniel) and everyone has to be dressed with hair brushed and shoes on and out the door by 7:15 a.m.  Yikes!  Not an easy feat I tell you!  That's way too early for me and the girls anyway.  But for some reason, I don't mind it once we're there.  My kids always snuggle up with me in the waiting room.  Nicholas, who is now 12 years old and weighs over 90 pounds, still sits on my lap.  (It's actually quite funny and sweet.)  I wonder if he'll still sit on my lap next year when he's 13?  Probably!  The kids pick out funny things from the prize bin after their check ups.  Sometimes they pick those ugly plastic fingernails, or a bouncy ball, or a whoopee cushion or maybe just a pencil.  I'll miss not having all that junky stuff laying around the house. The other thing I love about those early morning appointments?  I get to drop them off at school in the morning instead of sending them off on the bus. 

Just the simple, ordinary routine of life makes me happy and glad to be a Mom...their Mom. 

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

20 years ago today...

I made the best decision of my life.


I think he just realized what he got himself into...  ; ) 

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Apple Picking

We went to our favorite place, Tougas Farms, to pick apples...

and eat THE BEST kettle corn ever!  It's popped fresh right there...

And eat THE BEST apple cider donuts...

It was heaven I tell you...the weather...the bluest sky...the crisp air...the freshest donuts...the sweetest saltiest popcorn...oh yes...and the best crisp apples ever. 

And I got to spend it with my four favorite people.  What a day. 

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Bye bye Blaster

I felt like the most awful terrible mother in the world giving away my daughter's guinea pig but that's exactly what I did.  No one ever paid attention to the little guy except for me.  I was the only one who fed him, talked to him, played with him and cleaned his cage.  And you know what?  I never asked for a guinea pig!  So it became a love hate relationship for me and the pig. 

One day the pig bit Gianna on the finger and she declared, "I'm never EVER touching him again!"  And there was my out.  I told her that it was time to find him a new home.  A family who would really have time for him and possibly give him a friend!  When I got the "OK" from Gianna, the ad went on Craigslist.  And wouldn't you know it?  I got all kinds of responses right away.  I was very fortunate to find the sweetest woman with two cute little girls who were wanting a little pig of their own. 

As the adoption day got closer, I started to second guess my decision.  I felt this overwhelming responsibility to find the perfect home for this little guy.  And was I actually feeling...a little sad too???  No, it couldn't be I kept telling myself.  Because I knew the minute he left the house, the weight of the world would be off my shoulders and I'd be jumping for joy.  Right? 

But why did he have to look so cute on his last day with us? 

And why did he have to lay in the cutest little position with his little legs all sticking out all relaxed??? 

And why did he have to rest his little head up against the cage like he was all content and happy in his clean little cage???

The adoption day was here.  I could feel myself getting a little weepy so I kept practicing what I would say when the family showed up at my door.  I even pictured the little girl taking out her wallet and handing me the money for Blaster.  I practiced what I would say to her..."Oh honey...please keep your money.  Use it to buy something nice for Blaster at the pet store."  

I had Danny take the kids out of the house for a while so they wouldn't be here when we gave the little guy away to his new family. I figured it would be too emotional for the kids. 

So when the adoptive pig family's car pulled into the driveway, I was prepared and feeling strong.  I opened the door with a big smile.  I welcomed them into our home and introduced them to Blaster.  I explained a few things and gave them a few instructions.  And then here's where things went oh so terribly wrong.  The adorable little girl pulled out her adorable little wallet just as I pictured, and I said to her what I had been practicing and practicing..."Oh your money to buy something...nice...for..." and then...the tears.  It's what Oprah calls "the ugly cry".  Yes. Oh yes.  I started bawling!  Bawling!!!  I had to cover my face I was crying so hard!  It was so ridiculous!  I was crying over a rodent!!  The woman was saying, "Oh honey!" and hugged me right there in the front hallway.  Here I was being comforted by a complete stranger!  The little girls were looking at me with these horrified looks on their faces!  Then the nice lady just grabbed the cage and quickly ran out the front door with him.  I wiped the snots from my face and picked up a box that had all his little belongings in it...his hay, his bag of food, his little treats, his vitamin C drops...and then I dragged my pathetic butt out the front door and placed the box in the back of their car...and started to cry again!  I can't even begin to tell you how ridiculous I felt.  I couldn't get a grip!  Thank goodness they left quickly and I went in the house to bawl like a baby for a few more minutes.  And then I just starting laughing...uncontrollably!  

Yes, I'm sure the adoptive pig family will be making fun of me (the crazy guinea pig lady) around their dinner table for years and years to come.  I'm sure of it.

The lovely adoptive pig mom sent me a very sweet and heartfelt email the next day to assure me how well Blaster was doing.  She said the girls were "lavishing him with love and attention".   And I'm sure she probably thought I was hanging out at my computer just waiting for some word about the pig...and of course I was. 

Bye bye Blaster.  I guess I really did love you after all you silly little pig, but I know we did the right thing.  I know you're already very happy in your new home. 

And I also know Gianna will be in therapy over this someday too.  I gave away her very first pet.  : (   Oh, the guilt. 

The End

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Friday, September 06, 2013

First day of school

The first day of school is always so bittersweet.  I love that they are getting back into a routine (I love routines!) and that they will be using their brains again.  I swear their brains were going to mush between playing the Xbox, computer games and staring at the TV, Kindle and their iPods.  Ugh!!  I can't stand all that screen time.  It is a never ending battle.  And it's also sad because they keep growing up on me! 

Nicholas is off to middle school...MIDDLE school!  6th grade!  Wow.  How in the world does this happen?  It was just yesterday when he looked like this...his first day of preschool at four years old...

And look at his fire engine lunch box!!  I'm gonna cry!!!  And now look at 12 year old boy!  Oh...I can't stand it.  Nicholas asked me the night before school if I was walking to the bus stop with him in the morning.  And he was serious!!  I don't think he really thought it through.  I told him that I didn't think he would really want me at the middle school bus stop.  He just laughed and I could see the look on his face that he understood.  How cute was that?  But that's my boy!  He just loves his Mama. 

And thankfully I still have two in elementary school this year.  Gianna is off to 3rd grade and Julia to 5th grade...

Gianna was so nervous to meet her new teacher.  She was afraid she wasn't going to be nice.  When I went into her room in the morning to get them up, she was already awake and hiding under her blankets.  She said, "Nobody is home!"  But she had a great first day and really likes her teacher.  I knew she would.  Julia wasn't nervous at all.  Why would she be?  She's the big wig in school now! 

And this is Julia on her very first day of preschool when she was four years flippin' cute is she???  Ahhhh...I can't take it...

and little Mae on her first day of preschool...and she was just three years old...

OK...I've got to go get a box of Kleenex now.