Friday, October 24, 2014

Renovation Update

Some new developments this week.  Like this clock I bought!  I absolutely love it!!!  It's going to look great in our new kitchen!

So they put in our new corner china cabinet...see it over there in the corner?

I can't wait to put some wine glasses and dishes in exciting!!

They did some of the molding...

It looks really beautiful...

They finally finished putting in all the floors...yay!! They look gorgeous!

And we bought this new corner TV stand. (Obviously it doesn't belong there.)  I think it will make the room look a little bigger having the TV in the corner.

I don't know if you can see but they put four recessed lights in the TV living room.  They also finished all the white trim.  So now that room is done Danny can paint it this weekend.  We are so happy to have a room to use again on the first floor!

Another look at the molding...

We are waiting for the replacement double wall oven cabinet to arrive next week (hopefully by Tuesday or Wednesday).  The granite is expected to be installed on Thursday and the plumber is coming on Friday.  Progress!!  Maybe we'll actually have some appliances to use by next weekend?  It's only been 6 full weeks without a working sink or appliances. Yikes!!  I'm trying to be patient.

To be continued...

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Remodel Update

The majority of the work that was done this week was installing the floors and putting up new white trim.  Danny has lots and lots of painting to do.  We have to move the fridge out of the house this weekend so they can finish up the floors in this room and the front hallway.

We had to disconnect the TV in the Living Room (the kiddies weren't at all happy about that) and move the furniture into the kitchen.

I absolutely LOVE my new floors!!

Oh dear...that yellow paint looks awful in these pictures.  We're changing all the paint colors anyway so have no fear.

I'm loving our new wide doorway!!  The light is fabulous!  Hard to tell how pretty it is with all that furniture in the way...

Sofas in the kitchen...nice...

Monday the electrician is supposed to be coming back to put recessed lighting in the TV Living Room and hopefully finish up all the other recessed lighting.  I'd love it too if he put in our new chandelier and pendants but not sure that will happen just yet.

The granite people came to measure this week but there is some discrepancy as to whether they need one or two slabs.  So that needs to be resolved first before they can cut and install.  Sigh.

We are also waiting for the wall oven cabinet and a glass cabinet to be replaced. They can't install the granite without first installing the wall oven cabinet.  The appliances have been delivered except the fridge.  Not sure what's going on with that but we have our old one so I'm not worried about it.

We have yet to meet with the Schuler rep about the defects on the cabinet doors. The kitchen designer has been away on vacation (and her back up person is useless).  Thankfully she returns on Monday!  She is fabulous and I have full confidence in her that she will get this all back on track and moving right along.
To be continued...

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Miscellaneous goings on...

I love that we are raising thoughtful children. Julia made this "get well" card (and a bag full of candy) for her a friend who broke her collarbone. Isn't this clever?

and so sweet...

And my poor boy.  He was horsing around over the weekend with some friends and took a header onto the pavement.  Ouch.  Road rash...

and a fat lip...

They love their Daddy...

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Happy Birthday Daniel...and John Denver

OK so it's not John Denver's birthday but 17 years ago today he died.  That was a very sad day for me.  I grew up on his music. My mom played his albums  Sweet memories.  Darcy Farrow is one of my favorites...


Today is my Daniel's birthday.  Happy Birthday to my wonderful hubby...

Friday, October 10, 2014

Kitchen update

More progress! We have a little bit of the flooring in (which I absolutely love!!) and the cabinets are in...

However...see that mark on the cabinet below?  Practically every single cabinet and drawer has those marks on them.  It's where the joint is and the way they were manufactured.  We're not happy with that.  I don't know if it's like that on all their cabinets or just this batch?  We're looking into it.

But otherwise I think they are gorgeous!!  The kitchen is so bright and sunny!! The granite people are supposed to be coming out on Monday to measure.  And our new slider is in.  It now opens on the right instead of the left.  This way no one has to be disturbed while sitting at the counter...loving the beadboard too!!

Danny thinks we'll be mostly done by Halloween...I'm thinking more like Thanksgiving.  I hope he's right and I'm wrong!!  (That's a first!)

I can't wait for them to take down that temporary wall so I can really see how it's going to look.  I'm really loving our new white trim versus the stained wood...

KoKo has no clue what's going on.  Poor little guy.  He spends most of the day hiding under our bed when the workers are here.

I just love our new floors!!!!

And I'm so happy those ugly dark beams are gone!!!

I have the curtains and paint colors picked out.  But still need to find some area rugs and a few other things.

To be continued...

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

The Duggars

I love them.

True family values.
Fabulous role models.
Good people.

I'll say it again and again...I love them.

Monday, October 06, 2014

Some progress?

So there has been some progress with our construction.  We are on week four now. The contractor FINALLY got the permit from the town to open our wall between the old dining room and living room. He called everyday and finally went down there.  He told them he wasn't leaving until they gave it to him.  He sat there for four hours and he finally got it.  Phew!!

Then there was a delay waiting for the sheet rock to show up.  The guys worked late Thursday night getting that done.  Then Friday the ceilings were plastered.

Here's the wall that took forever to open...only one foot on each side but it will make a big difference...

Our house is small so it will be very nice to have an open floor plan.  The kitchen will be really bright now with the dining room wall gone.

Just taking down those awful dark beams on the ceiling in the living room will make a huge difference too.  And I'm thinking about refacing our fireplace with airstone. I'm excited about that!!

This is our poor little family room (or "the other room" as I call it)...

They had to put in that temporary wall so that cut into the room by four feet. That ugly gold carpet will soon be going bye-bye and will be replaced with hard wood floors.  We're also adding some recessed lighting too.  We are so cramped in that room now. But the kids could honestly care less!  They haven't complained once about any of this.  It's as if they don't even notice what's going on.  Me???  I get so claustrophobic in there!  So I spend as little time as possible downstairs.  You can usually find me in my bedroom.  I love my bedroom!  It's been my sanctuary!

I hope by this coming weekend our kitchen will actually start to look like a kitchen.  The cabinets are being moved in as I write this.  So that's exciting!! Let's hope some of the hard wood floors get put in soon too.  We took forever to find the perfect shade we wanted.  I love it!!

To be continued...

Thursday, October 02, 2014

Hockey Captain

See that "C" on Nicholas' hockey shirt?

His hockey coaches selected him as the Captain of his hockey team!!  We are so proud of our boy!  What a tremendous compliment!!

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Making room

The orthodontist is trying to make room for Gianna's other front tooth that is stuck way up there.  See?  No room at all for that big tooth to come down. Hopefully this palatal expander will do the trick.  Fingers crossed!!!