Thursday, October 29, 2015


Danny and I are bursting with pride over how Nicholas handled an awful situation with incredible maturity.  I've said it before and I'll say it again...we are raising an awesome son. While another set of parents are completely crushed by their sons' behavior, we on the other hand couldn't be more proud of our son. Our boy has class and an abundance of self control. Nicholas, we love you to the ends of the earth and back again.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Trip Booked

We are finally...finally...going back to Cancun! Yay!  It's our favorite vacation spot and we're excited to share it with the kids!

This is where we'll be staying...

I can't wait!!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Middle School

Oh Middle School.  How I despise thee right now.  It can be such a difficult time for kids...and we have two middle schoolers with one more on the way there next year.  I remember all too well how hard it could be.  Not really knowing which group you fit into...not knowing who your friends really were...desperately wanting to look like all the pretty cool girls...wear the same clothes, shoes and hairstyles as them.  I remember moving from lunch table to lunch table until I found a group of friends that I could have fun with.  Girls who didn't ignore me or turn their back on me as if I wasn't even there.  Yes, that happened to me.

Nicholas is having an exceptionally hard time right now trying to fit in and find his way through middle school.  It has been a very painful process to witness because he is my heart and soul. And when he is hurting...I am hurting. I trust though that life is unfolding as it should for him.  He is learning life lessons and hopefully growing from them.  I know that he is a wonderful, loving, bright young man and he will be just fine.  I have faith that he will find his way. It may take some time getting there but he will get there.  He will find good friends who will have his back and want to be with him because of who he is.

Oh my handsome boy. Kids will never change.  There will always be mean ones...there will always be ones who tease...there will always be ones who exclude.  It is so different these days with social media. Back when I was in middle school and high school you may just have heard about a party or get together that you were excluded from but now you can actually see it on Instagram, Facebook or Snap-chat.  It's so "in your face" now and can be incredibly hurtful.  And now you don't just hear rumors about what people think of see it in writing...for ALL to see and read.

I have a voice within me saying "focus on family".  Don't let the outside negativity of childish middle school behavior seep into our home. Home is where he will feel safe, loved and cared for.  We will continue to teach him and mold him and guide him.

I am very excited about Nicholas' future! I know there is a lot in store for him. I'm super excited about the high school he has chosen to attend next year.  I know it will be a fresh new start for him.  He just needs to hang in there. These middle school days are almost over.  I never thought I would be happy to see this chapter end for him but boy oh boy I am counting the days.

Monday, October 05, 2015

Be Brave Baylee

On July 4, 2015, this young girl named Baylee was in a horrific ATV accident and was burned over 65% of her body.  She is now fighting for her life at a burn center. Baylee is a beautiful 15 year-old girl from Provo, UT.  I don't know her personally but I feel as if I do now.  I've been following her story on a facebook page her family has created for her. Her parents, family and friends have been so amazing.  I don't know how they are holding up through all of this but surprisingly they are.  They have tremendous faith...that's for sure.

Here is a picture from the end of August...

and here is a more recent picture of her taken just a few weeks ago...

As you can tell her health is declining.  She has been unresponsive now for a while.  They are not sure why.  She is a very sick girl as infections from the wounds are ravaging her body.  My heart breaks for her and for her family and friends. She's had to endure excruciating wound care and 20 surgeries to date. Even having to shave off her hair was so very sad and upsetting for her.  It made me cry just to think about it knowing how important hair is to a teenage girl. Her family, friends and even some of the nurses shaved their heads first to show her support. How incredible was that?  It's just all so unimaginable...especially for a child.   

If you are reading this, please pray for Baylee.  She truly is an inspiration.  I'm praying that her body heals, that she has the strength to continue to fight and that the doctors and nurses have the wisdom to make her better.  

If you want to follow Baylee on Facebook, her page is called "Be Brave Baylee".

Just click on this link: Be Brave Baylee