Thursday, August 10, 2017

Nicholas is 16...SIXTEEN

OK...I have to say it because I say it every single year.  "I cannot believe my boy is another year older."  Who told him it was OK to turn 16???  And who told him he could get his PERMIT today??? OK. I helped him study and Danny took him to the test.  I literally cried when he sent me a text with the picture of his learner's permit. There were just no words...just tears. My baby boy is turning into a young man right before my eyes and will be on his own driving a car in just six short months.  Oh my heart.

No heart was in my throat as I let him drive me around our neighborhood about ten times and then I actually let him drive us to Subway for lunch. I was having a panic attack inside as I'm a total control freak, but honestly he did really well for his first day behind the wheel.  I think boys are just natural drivers. I don't imagine it will be this easy with my girls.

For dinner we went to Federal Hill in Providence for some delicious Caserta pizza...

Then back home for birthday cake, ice cream and presents...

Of course a birthday around here wouldn't be complete without a bag full of candy...

He's such a good boy and truly the love of my life.  Happy 16th birthday Nicholas!!! I love you to the ends of the earth.


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